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QCore   2/17/2009

Well, my boyfriend (now my friend) and I have been considering opening a store for clothing called QueerCore or QCore. It is going to be a store with alternative styles, casual, professional, gothic, emo, anything we really want to make. My friend insists on cupcake purses. But what I want to know, does anyone think such a store would hit off? Or would it get rated badly for the name or the two ...

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djoe1969 48 M
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what to wear   3/26/2008

What is in style can't figure it out. How to get noticed still in the 70"s and 80"s jeans and boots is my style what's in now ??

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geobiguy 36 M
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does anybody like guys in women underwear??   7/5/2007

hey guys do any of guys like a man that wears women's underwear to bed or during sex or a man that enjoys having a pair of women's panties stuffed in his mouth after they been cumed on.????

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You know when you need that..... that one Fashion   9/18/2006

Now i think Fashion like a man but for me fashion like a not have any think on body (nake)

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gay Fashion   6/20/2006

i dont like special gay clothes , it makes the man appears as a shemale which i dont like at all .

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bayot76 42 M
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look on the inner not the outer   2/22/2006

"Dont judge a book by its cover". THis saying really brings me into not judging a person for who he is coz we dont know whats in the inner of him, just like in fashion or in style, we may think that person may look weird coz of his outlook but we doesnt know that seeing him weird is he is good and the thiung he used is good too, so better no judge ones personality, let it be for what and ...

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Is it stylist or guiltful?   3/30/2005

I often go to the city and seek out what is on sale or a value to pursue. I did this again and decided to look at vehicles. I stopped at several dealerships and looked over their various motor cars, SUVs, and trucks. I even looked at the hybrids due to their economic features. <br> <br> <br> I am a creature of habit that plans, seeks, and determines worth ...

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jim696998 74 M
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do we need fashion/style???   2/16/2005

When I meet a man I judge him by his mind, his apearance and his judgement and few other things. When I look at what he is wearing, I do not look to see if he is wearing a fashion statement but to see if he can dress to enhance his appearance and make the clothes look good on him no matter if they and expensive fashion designer clothes or off the rack. The most important thing I judge a ...

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