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Jerry41947 70 M
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The Gas Meter Guy   8/12/2011

I was sitting watching the Yankee's as I heard a knock on my door. I got up and opened the door. Standing there was a young man about 40 years old with a clip board. Hi he said. I'm from the power company and need to read the meter. The guy up stairs said it was down here. I asked him for an ID and he showed me his company tag. His name was Erik.

I wasn't expecting anyone so I was ...

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from curious (continued) Broken In!   1/7/2010

Let me start this one by saying, if you havent read my first post, you should to get a better understanding.

i guess ill call this one the day i was broken in, after my first night with my new friend, i was left wanting to feel and know more about the male on male experience. My first time was very nice, and yes it was like a dream come true because he was perfect, with age, looks and as ...

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tricked   9/26/2009

This is not a date but it the first time i willingly did this.we were two young boys playing and my friend siad if i suck his dick then he would suck mine, well thisdid not happen we found an abandoned car got in the front seat, he took off his pants and i went down on him.I smelled his cock mmmm sooo nice, slowly stroked it then i licked it , head then shaft as i looked at him i took his dick ...

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eaglejeagle 70 M
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In his room   8/28/2009

Not really a first date. A member asked me if I lived closer to him what would it be like if I came up to his apartment and he invited me to his bedroom. So I wrote him this story. 99% of the members on this site think an older man is dead. Will we are not dead and we can still keep up with you younger guys.

Here is the story I wrote for him:

In your bedroom

We would ...

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from curious to first time!!   2/4/2008

let me start by saying that i am a married male.....curious about being bi.....curious because....well let me start with the story!!!

when i was younger i had my best friend hit on me!!! (im gonna make it kind of shorter version k)... i never knew he was into that........but every day he would hit on me more and to the point where we would tickle each ...

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justjacknstl 59 M
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Mixing It Up   5/5/2007

I have begun an interest group on this site (group 2639). Anyone interested in gay interracial relationships come check it out. Or anyone just curious, please drop by. It's new for now, hopefully it will be of interest to some members and a place to meet or comment on mixed relations.

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Will it be you!!   1/6/2007

How good is it being a bottom for the first time or it just being your first time ever?? Is it better to do a threesome 1st and let them make me like it them just having there way doing what ever they want?? This way sounds great to me!!!

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lexo9906 30 M
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what to do   7/24/2006

do you have sex on a first date?

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omarlarata 29 M
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HOw............   5/26/2006

ORIGINAL MATERIAL ONLY - Discussion topics are for original material written by members. Any plagiarized material will be removed from the site. Also, Gay FriendFinder's Terms of Use must be observed. If you see material that is inappropriate for Gay FriendFinder, or that may have been published elsewhere, please contact our abuse team.

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Threesomes...yummy!   4/27/2006

Had my first threesome a fwe weeks back and it was terrific! A little awkward at first, then things really got goin! Two older men and myself...I was in heaven! Not usualy prone to climbing into the sack with more than one at a time, but coudn't pass on this one. After the experieince, I believe I'd like to do it again....and again, with an outside shot at a moresome! Anyone else get into a ...

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magixbox 28 M
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What do you do on your first date   4/25/2006

I jus wanna know what other people do on their first date...

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My Lawn Boy and I   4/2/2006

I was in my late 20's and had just bought my first home. I had a huge lawn and lots of garden to take care of so I thought I'd get some help. One day I noticed a kid across the street cutting the grass. He was a looker, about 5' 10, with a great body, just the right amount of muscle, but not a muscle head. He had dark curly hair, and brown eyes and a nice bulge in the front of his ...

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redrubies 31 M
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What Should I Expect On A First Date?   3/22/2006

Depending on what type of person you are, expectations for a first date can be very different. But I would like to offer myself as a guide as to how a usual date should be conducted. Since you have decided to go out on a date with someone the preliminary task of seeing if you like this person should be established. It isn't very polite if you go out on a date with someone whom you know ...

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friendlybuster 59 M
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I had this unique experience the other day. I was waiting for a taxi to go to a certain place. A taxi came and stopped by. The driver was reluctant to take me to my destination first as he was in a hurry and going in another direction. He asked me to get in however and started the car.He said that he will drop me somewhere close to where I was supposed to go and then I can take ...

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Not all work but some play   2/12/2006

When I was 23 I began working away all the work was down south but with other northern local lads. We shared rooms so to keep expenses down and pocket the saved money from our allowence . On one job we had a new starter, a fitter called alan . He was fit as well he said he liked going to the gym to keep him healthy and stop him going to the pub a lot. I said that was a good idea so he said ...

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mrpw1952 66 M
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My First Boyfriend   2/4/2006

I was 14 yrs old when I moved to california and was introduced to a family my dad knew. The boy ( Jimmy ) was my age and we became friends the minute we met. He showed me how to get around the new town by walking all over the place. One day Jimmy was asked to babysit a friends kids and he asked me if I wanted to go and of course I agreed. We got to the woman's house and she had ...

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My first fisting,WOW!   8/15/2005

So I met this guy on line through one of these swinging singles sites. After a brief introduction through e-mail and an exchange of pictures we hooked up that weekend , He had the look that I so desired and he said all the right things, I wasn’t looking to fall in love and neither was he, we were just two sexually frustrated guys looking for a good time that knew of no ...

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I've only had sex with 1 man in my life, and that was 12 years ago when I was 19 He was a 48 year old married man with two grown children. He was about 5'9" 190 1bs with balding hair and a black beard with some grey. Although he appeared to be a little on the chubby side, he actually had a solid thick body. I had just finished my first year of college, and since it was now summer, I rode my bike whenever I could around town. I lived in Stony Brook and was attending Stony Brook university, so I often rode my bike to the campus. During the summer, the campus was very quite and deserted most of the time. Even though I rode my bike to campus, I would usually walk with the bike on the campus walkways. One time, while walking with the bike on campus, I noticed a man sitting on a bench. He was apparently having lunch while reading some papers. As I neared him, he looked up and said hello. I nodded and said hello. He then said "nice summer day today" Yeah I said, I really like riding my bike in this warm weather. We then engaged in the usual small talk. He said that he also liked to bike ride, but hadn't in a while. He asked if I was a student etc. He told me that he owned his own bussiness, and liked teaching a bussiness class in the summer. We talked for about 10 min, when I told him that I had to get going. We shook hands and I left. A few days later I again rode my bike and again saw him sitting on the bench. We again greeted and had a brief conversation. This time, He told me that he was really interested in taking up bike riding again. Thus we talked about biking and exerscise for a while. He then mentioned how hot the weather was, and asked if I wanted to talk in his office. He really seemed like a nice guy, so I said "sure ok" However, as we walked to his office, I began to feel a little self conscience about the situation. Here I was a 19 yr old guy wearing very short biker pants, walking to an office of an older man I hardly knew. It was a large office with 2 desks. However since it was summer, he was the only one using the office. There was a small black coutch next to the window. We both sat down on the coutch and contiunued talking, he also asked me about my major, how I liked college etc. My uneasyness was maginified when he began telling me how biking was doing me good, and that I looked in very good shape. He even told me how he especially liked my long legs. Now, I felt that he was definately being more friendly than normal. Just being polite I thanked him, but told him that I had to go somewhere. As I was leaving, he asked if I was willing to perhaps ride with him. However, since I now felt uncomfortable about this, I told him that I was going to look for a summer job, and would be busy. Then he quickly told me that he had a built in pool, and that I was welcome to come over for a swim. Again I politely declined his offer. He said he understood, then gave me his home number in case I changed my mind. As I left his ofice, I now knew for sure that he was interested in me sexually. I soon realized however that I was aroused by this. That night, I actually fantasized about him while masturbating. I fantasized about what he wanted to do with me, I found myself aroused by his obvious sexual interst in me. I tried to fight these feelings, but after about 4 or 5 days, I decided to see him again. I called his home early in the morning. He sounded surprised to hear my voice but was glad I called. I told him I was accepting his offer about going for a swim. We agreed to meet after he finished teaching his class around 11:30 am, and he gave me directions to his house. I had decided to give him every opportunity to flirt with me. This time I was going to be more receptive to any advances he might make. As it turned out however, he was more aggressive than I thought. After ringing the door bell, he opened the door. I immediately noticed that he was wearing a very short bath robe, which just covered his crotch. It actually apeared as if he was perhaps naked under his robe, it bearly reached pass his ass. This definately had an effect on me, and my cock got hard looiking at him. He then showed me around, and brought me out to the pool. He then invited me back in, and asked me If I wanted something to drink. We then sat down in the living room and began talking. He sat down on the coutch first, and told me to sit down. There was a sofa chair right next to where he was sitting, but I wanted to make some kind of move. Instead of sitting on the chair, I sat right next to him on the coutch. I sat down so close to him that our knees were actually touching. After a few min coversation, I asked him about the comments he had made about my legs. "you really like my legs" "yes he relpied. I then told him that I was unhappy about them because they were too thin. "No he said, they look very good. He then put his hand on my knee and actually rubbed his hand up towards my upper thigh. "do you mind me touching you like that" No, I relpied, I don't mind at all. I then reached over and placed my hand on his thigh and told him I prefered to have thicker legs and thighs like his. I then reached up and touched his beard and said, "I really like your beard too". When i did this, he asked me If I was attracted to men. I told him that I hadn't thought about it before I met him, and that I had never had sex yet with a male or female. He said he found that hard to believe, but asked if I wanted to have sex with him. I then showed him my hard on which was clearly visible thru my shorts. He then rubbed his hand against it, and said "you clearly are aroused" Yes I replied, you? He said that he was definately attracted to me and that he really liked younger guys. He then stood up and extended his hand and said, "c'mon, lets go up stairs." Hand in hand, I followed him upstairs. My legs were weak and shaky as we climed the stairs, and my heart was racing as we neared his room. I remember actually feeling an electric shock run thru my body when he closed the door behind us. It was then that I fully realized that I was going to have sex with a man. We faced eachother at the foot of the bed, and he then removed his robe. He was wearing extremely short jockey shorts, and I could clearly see his load. I could see the outline of his cock and balls. I immediately reached out and with clearly shaking hands palmed his crotch. He seemed to have very heavy balls. He told me to take off my clothes, and when I removed my shorts, my cock was completely erect. He put both hands on my ass and brought me towards him. My cock was now up against his stomach. I then pu my hands on to his back, and we hugged. He could feel my heart pounding "Wow, you're very exited aren't you?" "yes I said, very" "Just relax, he replied" "I can't relax" I replied, I'm just too aroused." Then he told me to take some deep breaths and relax. He then asked if I wanted to explore his body first. "Yes, please" I relied . He said ok, and he then walked over towards the head of the bed. He proped up the pillows, then removed his shorts and layed down onto the bed. After he made himself comfortable, he told me to come over. His cock was not quite fully erect, but as I climbed on to the bed next to him, his cock became fully erect. He then told me to explore his body. Since this is your first time, "You can do whatever you want, touch me anywhere, just do whatever comes natually." He wanted me to get familiar with his body, so I did just as he asked. I touched and rubbed his hairly legs, ran my nails along his thighs and stomach. I ran my tongue along his stomach and chest. I kissed his stomach and chest, licked and kissed his nipples. I touched his beard, felt his chest hairs. Even thought I hadn't even touched his cock, I noticed that it was fully erect as I explored the rest of him. Finally I began examining his cock and balls. I smelled and licked his balls, ran my tongue from his balls down to his ass. I also squeezed, pulled and stroked his cock. I ran my tongue up and down the underside if his cock and sucked on his balls, before finally sucking his cock. I still get aroused remembering how he let me do all these things to him. He just layed back and let me examine his entire body. He was enjoying having a much younger guy touching and pleasuring him in his own bed like that. He kept telling me to do whatever I wanted. After sucking and playing with his thick cock for a while, I felt the urge to climb on top of him. Without saying a word, I got on top of him. We were now face to face and chest to chest. He placed both hands on my lower back and help me position myself on top of him. My top side of my cock was now laying against his upper thigh, while the underside was against my own upper thigh. I began to rub myself against him. As I moved my body, he slightly moved his legs together, the friction this caused felt very good. In this position, we were able to kiss and talk to one another. I rubbed my face against his beard, and he kissed my neck and face. It felt so good on top of him, his hands felt great oas he moved his hands around my ass and back. I also lay completely down on top of him resting my head on the pillow just ablove his right shoulder. In fact, I was so aroused that I began to loose controll. He could sense this, and he repeatedly told me things like "slow down" "Easy, calm down". Finally he actually physically stoped me, then again told me to relax and go slower. I tried to stop, but I couldn't hold back. I was too aroused. My mind was racing, here I was having sex with an older man in his own bed. I even loved how my toes felt against his feet. I was only on top of him like this for about 3 min, when I achieved orgasm After he stopped me, I quickly resumed moving against him and very shorty afterwards felt my cock begin to spasm. My orgasm happened very quickly and I couldn't controll it. I remember stiffening up and lifting myself up slightly and looking straight down at his face underneath me As I came all over his leg, I remmember saying "I'm sorry". "don't worry about it" he said, "its ok." Breathless against him I told him that I couldn't help cumming so quickly, I was just too excited. He again said that he understood. I then climed off him and began masturbating him. It took about 5 min, before he came from my hand job. It was here that I first witnessed something about him, he always shot a big load when he ejaculated and he would usually shootout a good 5 inches. I used to love making him cum just to see this. <br> Afterwards we cleaned off in his bathroom and went for a swim. He then told me that his wife would be home soon and we would have to see eachother again later. We agreed to meet again the next day. This time we went right to his bedroom. We hugged and kissed, then he layed down and I began examining his again. After sucking his cock for a while, I again climed on top of him. This time I lasted a lot longer. We again kissed and talked as I rubbed myself against him. Again his hands roamed all over my back and ass. This time however, he started rubbing the underside of my cock with his middle finger in a circlular direction. This took me by surprise and I stopped rubbing against him. I couldn't believe how good this felt. My cock was throbbing while he did this. I just layed there motionless as he masturbated me like that. "thats it, just relax and enjoy the sensations" he said. He noticed that I would sometimes hold my breath while he rubbed me, so he told me to keep breathing and to take deeper breaths. He seemed to sense whenever I was getting too aroused and would ease off and rub another part of my cock, we would then exchange some kisses. I was moaning and groaning the whole time. Finally after about 10 min of this, I began having trouble controlling my responses. up till now, I had experienced about 10-12 minor orgasms, but was able to control them by taking deep breaths like he said. The invetable occured however and I achieved orgasm. When I came, he just said "Mmm, thats it, enjoy it" And that I certainly did, it was the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced. I then kissed him for several min, thanking him for the experience. I then responded by sucking him off again. This went on for about 2 weeks, with me riding him and then sucking him off. He then began to ask if I wanted to try anal sex. I reminded him that I was very inexperienced at this. He assured me that it would be ok, and that he would be very gentle. This time after cumming on top of him, he said he wanted to enter me. He took some vaseline and put it on his cock, and we both rubbed it all over his cock. He then positined me on my hands and knees. He then entered me with his finger. He fingered me for about 2 min before asking me if I was ready. He gently grasped my hips and began rubbing his cock against my ass. I could feel the head of his cock against my anus. He slowly began pushing it in. It didn't go in the first time, and it took him several more tries to make any progress. Finnally he got a little further in, but still not quite all the way. He was being very gentle, and he continually asked if I was ok. Slowly but surely he proceeded, when suddenly his cock slid all the way in. We were both taken by surprise at the suddeness of it, and he gave a deep moan as it slid in. He then fucked me with a gentle, steady pace for quite a while. There was a mirrored closet in the room and I could see him fucking me. I noticed that his eyes were closed most of the time as he fucked me. I enjoyed watching some of the faces he made, and watching him squeeze and spread my cheeks. Sudenly he began to loose controll himself and began fucking me really fast, then his entire body stiffened and he let out a loud moan, then layed down flat against my back. I could feel his warm cum as it shot into me. Our relationship lasted for the rest of the summer. When the summer ended I went back to school, the next summer I got a full-time summer position and didn't get a chance to see him that summer. Eventually we lost contact. I never fucked him, and he only sucked my cock once or twice. He fucked me several more times over the next two months in many different positions. We managed to sleep together only a few times, whenever his wife was away for a few days. Even thought I let him fuck me and I sucked his cock many times, I didn't feel that he was taking advantage of me. I really enjoyed laying on top of him and being masturbated to orgasm. I also liked sucking his cock and watching him ejaculate. I did meet him once a few months back. He is now 60 years old He had a heart attack a few years ago and now has to walk with a cane. It was hard to believe that this was the same man I had sex with that summer. He even apologized to me about his actions-after all he said, I was a student and he was a teacher etc. I told him that I didn't have any ill feelings towards him and that I still fantasize about him and our experiences together.

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What to do if you are dating for the first time   6/29/2005

To begin with not knowing one's sexuality and very confused about what I want and do not want, how do I act on a first date with a Male. Most of my life I have dated women where I have been the dominate partner. Wanting to give this up how do I approach my first date when with confused feeling I want my date to take the lead and show me how to please him and yet not scare him away. ...

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they are very important   5/28/2005

why is the first date so important...i know its the first impression and all but really you can make for that on a second date or someething

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pretty_sam 31 M
30  Articles
romantic dates include...: pretty_sam   3/23/2005

Going for long walks holding hands, which I really love. Another is just cuddling on the couch, gazing into each other’s eyes, and just going with the flow of the moment. A really nice date is when there is no pressure, no high expectations, the first time. Just enjoy the evening and whatever happens with two consenting adults. I believe in love at first sight, but ...

1 Comments, 264 Views, 18 Votes ,4.63 Score
pretty_sam 31 M
30  Articles
my idea of a great first date: pretty_sam   3/23/2005

A first date, should be getting to know the person your with, <br> good communication, finding out if your compatible, seeing <br> if there is chemistry between you, and basically relax <br> and enjoy the night. Sometimes it takes a few dates to really <br> understand what's going through a persons mind. <br> -pretty_sam

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My first date with my first love   3/4/2005

Well it wasnt a date per se it was more like an outing just an outing cause we've been inlove before ever confessing it so on the first night of confessing our love we just made love for a couple of hours, cuddled and kissed but then our first date came a week after that. We finally managed to get out of the house lol so he took me to my fav fancy chinese rest. after that we went to the ...

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coffee, movie, and then some   2/10/2005

I remember one of the best first dates I ever had. I had met this guy online and we had corresponded for a few weeks before deciding to meet. we started in a coffee shop, which is always a good place- if its not going to work out, you can split early without paying for a whole meal, or having to wait a long time for the food. Anyways, we hit it off, and he recomends we grab a movie and ...

4 Comments, 904 Views, 34 Votes ,4.77 Score
Fighting our own desires!   2/4/2005

It is not easy for every mam who feel love and some sexual desires towards his own same sex. It is very true specially when a person is bounded by the teaching of his faith or chained by the principles he have in life. It is very hard to contradict what your feel but the feelings is very strong and many christian gays believe that they are already condemned because of this emotion. ...

4 Comments, 363 Views, 16 Votes ,4.89 Score
jim696998 74 M
25  Articles
freedome of choice/do not tell   5/22/2004

in refference to the article what women want, I feel that if anyone man or woman want to have sex and it is mutually agreed upon with both people involved it should be OK. A lot of people feel that they have to follow a code of ethics that requires them to wait for many dates to have gone by to have sex. I think that if the two of you want to have sex you should do so and do not worry what ...

4 Comments, 167 Views, 5 Votes ,2.49 Score
theclyde 46 M
1  Article
re: @#$%^&* Cell Phones!   1/6/2004

I have just read an article "@#$%^&* Cell Phones!" where some guy had a bad experience with a girl using a cell phone. While I agree is was not polite for her to use the phone that much, I would not suggest leaving the phone in the car. <br> First meeting can be fantastic. But they can be bad. To meet somebody you don't know without some sort of safety plan is a bad idea. A ...

0 Comments, 149 Views, 9 Votes ,4.07 Score
Very Shy   5/21/2000

I must admit I had that problem myself. And I still have it, but it's better than before. You are very sure about yourself amongst friends ? You can stop talking to your friends? And now there you are with this beautifull girl. For all you know she's perfect for you. And you just can't open your mouth? Or can't even smile? Feel super insecure? We've all been there. It get's more difficult to ...

0 Comments, 309 Views, 18 Votes ,4.63 Score

How many times have you read a romantic novel, or seen a romantic movie, in which the hero and the heroine just have to look at each other for the first time, and - voila! - they are truly, madly, deeply in love with each other?! How often have you wondered whether it could actually happen, and, if so, when will that right person come before you who will set your heart a-flutter, with a craving ...

2 Comments, 217 Views, 11 Votes ,5.22 Score
Don't have sex on the first date   11/14/1998

For all you people that want to have sex on the first date don't and hear is the reasons why. For one they realationship will not last very long. For second they will probably take advantage of you and will expect it on every date. For third you will regreat it. I just gave that becuase it has happened to me and alot of my friends so, take my advice don't have sex on the first date unless ...

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Brisbane 37 M
1  Article
what ever you do on your first date with a lovely lady   7/18/1998

Guys, on your first date with that lovely lady in your life when your desperate to impress her with style, flair, pinash, that romantic side of your nature, what ever you do, dont go to McDonalds, sizzler, burger king, etc, use the brains you were given and it'll cost ya less and be alot more impressive chinese food is the lowest end of the scale foor looking cultured, something you cooked ...

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cAbela 42 M
1  Article
Do's and don'ts on first dates   5/20/1998

Do's Complement him/her Be a gentlemen/women Make him/her laugh use your manners Talk about a wide range of topics <br> Don'ts Don't snort don't have a boring conversation that drags on Don't snog on your first date Don't let your partner pay for everything Don't go to a resturant because if they're boring you can't make a quick escape.

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First Date? No good   2/5/1998

First Date? not Good First Date? I do not believe the first date any romantic. My first date is that a friend introduces me a girl. Then we meet at a park at a given time. Then we talk. Then we depart because I think the girl not pretty. I have forgetting the girl's name. A man and a woman know each other, then love each other, finally marry each other. The first step, ...

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