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fishn4men 52 M
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Out and Proud   2/13/2011

Hey friends checkout the new page i created for those who are celebrating coming out and for those who have experienced or are experiencing difficult issues w/being accepted for who they are.

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zule 45 M
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Freud   4/8/2010

Although some of Freud’s theories and ideas can be acknowledge as “a little crazy”, we can not refuse to get over his notes, we can find thoughtful ideas.

Already in the XIX, when homosexuality was prosecuted in most countries, Freud defended this tendency. Here is an extract of his words:

"Homosexuality is assuredly no advantage, but it is nothing to be ...

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Is that really difficult to find a true love???????   1/7/2007

does anyone here has found your true love, cus i haven't

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150684 34 M
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We must proud coz GAY given from Lord   12/24/2006

I agree that gay need pride, but it realy matter in my country (Indonesia). The Best that must be able in the deepest our heart : gays are fact and we must proud cause it given from lord...

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amaninsalina 55 M
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The complaint department   11/15/2006

Whenever you see anti-gay news or religious commentary on television they always shows as file footage film taken from one gay pride parade or another of drag queens and other flamboyant members of our community. We also hear the same complaint from members of our own community, how can we ever move forward when this is the public face of gay pride. It's a scare tactic used against us to ...

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amaninsalina 55 M
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I am homo hear me roar...   10/26/2006

I've never really identified with the word 'gay' there's nothing wrong with it, but it seems to be such a silly thing to be called sometimes. I occassionally identify myself as 'queer' but that one seems to escape most people. The word I usually use to describe myself to others is homosexual. While that my horrify some of you, I think it most clearly speaks to my identity. I am a man who ...

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I Don't know what it is but it's something about knowing I am being watched sexually that drives me wild! I discovered the open and craving passion in me this summer.while jogging every morning I spotted the same guys watching me.No matter how early they would be on their balcony peeking at me.Some married. So I started to dress in skimpy tattered shorts and a torn t-shirt that came half ...

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girly gay deserve to be love   7/28/2006

yes we deserve it because most of us are very affectionate and we will do everything just to prove in that guy the we love him..

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Royce4 50 M
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Narcissus   7/17/2006

In Greek mythology, Narcissus was a hero who was renowned for his beauty and his pride
Ameinias, a young man, loved Narcissus but was scorned. To tell Ameinias off, Narcissus gave him a sword as a present. Ameinias used the sword to kill himself on Narcissus' doorstep and prayed that Narcissus would one day know the pain of unrequited love. This curse was fulfilled when Narcissus ...

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Royce4 50 M
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LoveBites   7/13/2006

So I go out the other night to meet a friend at a bar & he blows me off. Anyway, this hot Egyptian guy keeps checking me out, so I am getting rather turned on. We had a drink together….turns out he’s married. Long story short we go back to my apt and do some heavy petting ‒ no sex, . Had an amazing orgasm though ‒ felt like the power of 4. This morning I wake ...

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Royce4 50 M
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Steam   7/11/2006

My friend and I took a steambath in this huge sunken bathsteam room at his place. Definitely like sex in the water- then went to my place to finish the evening/each other off. Anyone know any good water games?

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Gay pride   5/5/2006

I am gay and I am proud about it...

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shade8812 35 M
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Why ever hide who you are?   10/25/2005

Pride? <br> What is pride but the ability to stand up and say this is who I am? The courage to stare adversity in the face and say this is who I'm gonna be, no matter waht you say or do to me. The strength to hold to who you are whether anyone likes it or not. <br> Pride is something we need to have. You don't have to throw it in a person's face to show pride. You only ...

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gay   9/27/2005

i like mature gay, in indonesian

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who cares?????????   8/31/2005

if anybody dont care for me , as i have many past experience, i dont care as long as there are many people who's like me, dont worry

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Sexuality is a private issue.   8/18/2005

Any person, no matter what gender has a right to sexuality. I do not believe in discrimination of anyone based on race, sexualal orientation, disabilities, gender...., etc. Personally I believe the sexual part of a relationship belongs out of public view and is not something necessary to be displayed in public. I hold this belief be it homosexual, heterosexual or any other display of sex. ...

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LLBrianGuyz 42 M
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Gay Pride is VERY Important   8/15/2005

I wrote this as a response but did not see it post so I'll post it here...You should have pride because god knows nobody outside of our community would give it to you otherwise. Here is the copy of the response to "Too much Pride": I would have to disagree. I am not "in your face" about anything. In fact, even tho I consider myself "out of the closet", I get hit on at work ...

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bluehawk000 34 M
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The gay pride or simply pride campaign of the gay rights movement has three main premises: that people should be proud of what they are, that sexual diversity is a gift, and that sexual orientation and gender identity are inherent and cannot be intentionally altered. Marches celebrating Pride (pride parades) are celebrated worldwide. Symbols of gay pride include the rainbow flag and also of ...

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badboy24j 37 M
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We Need Pride   4/30/2005

Were I live at there no gay pride here we have to go out of town to go to gay pride. So I hope be here when gay pride hit here. There alot of guys here that would like to see us have one pride week maybe one day. But I will always have pride in my heart.

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pride   3/8/2005

i think it is a great thing we have gay pride.many years ago they didnot . so i think we should take pride in ourself s .and stand up more for ourselfs.a little more than we do.we are people to.and they need to know we should have rights to.

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jim696998 74 M
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too much pride   2/15/2005

I am very proud to be gay and I do not need to go out and tell the world that I am gay to be proud of it.Too many gay people have the idea that they need to be seen as a gay person in the public eye. Myself I enjoy being with another man in private and I do not tell others what we do in private and hope that they do not either. I do not think being gay is about going out in a gay parade ...

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hunk_on_pay1 36 M
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have ne one cares for me?????   1/29/2005

hey gays... u know this is very touching.. when u are in the field of professional.. every just use and trow u .... but have ne one thing about me ne time.. that me too have too have feelings....... me too wants to care for some one... me too want care by others... ??? but no... because the word "professisonal is attch with me". i dont know the human being have this type of ...

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