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daddyxyz 53 M
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Nude beaches   7/22/2013

I was wandering how many people on this site have been to a nude beach and in particular the nude beach in High Island Texas Ive been there many times and it is an interesting destination I must say. Camping there is what is great with a few friends and a bon fire , maybe a bunch of cocktails or beer . Just wanted to see if you had been there and if you had fun like I did?

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a25243091 37 M
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I want a boyfriend.   4/21/2013

I want a boyfriend.

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mrjfp 48 M
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Michigan is paradise in summer!   6/25/2009

So many things so little to do! It doesn't matter if your a rock climber like me or a lookey-loo, Mi is the best for summer vacations! From the gay campgrounds in the southern penninsula to the great falls in teqhuamenon, I have NEVER failed to enjoy a vacation. In the service I traveled to 14 foreign countries and every experience I enjoyed I found right in my back yard! lol Check out Gigi's in ...

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djoe1969 48 M
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Beeches ?? or City Night life ???   3/28/2008

I feel city night life to be more intresting . Men tend to be more misterous and fun. A nice dinner and a good stiff drink or more you never know. Going to the beech could be fun but you already seeing what you get and possible sun burn not too much fun in that. Being a leather guy unless they have come a leather suit coun't me out.

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moonraker1964 53 M
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Due South   1/13/2008

This article takes a light-hearted look at the potential perils of independent travel in Thailand. It follows one intrepid traveler's hair raising journey from gridlocked Bangkok to the southern 'sex resort' of Pattaya.

Nothing really prepares you for the reality of Bangkok’s infamous and ubiquitous traffic congestion. After the relative manicured tranquility of ...

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maine   8/14/2007

anyone in maine want to get a room with me ? i am into alot of different things , im athletic build and 8.5 thick and cut !!!

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sordec_4225 56 M
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looking for hosting in NYC   8/6/2007

Hello everybody, I'm Dan from Belgium & i love NYC ! I'm looking for people (gay or not) who has a room (close to Chelsea or Greenwich Village) and ok to host us (me + boyfriend) during gay pride week (2008 of course). We are very kind, open & attitude free, love to meet interesting people for friendship, chat, go out, work out, dinner, club, visit interesting places in town .... Check my profile ...

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1964boy 54 M
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Valencia   1/4/2007

Coming from the UK to live in Valencia, Spain. I was suprised at the incredible huge gay scene in the old town. Unlike the UK it is very relaxed.

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Hi need some one fun and talk   9/18/2006

I am good guys and sexy need some one to know inside my feel

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u like australia   8/1/2006

do u really like to travel australia?? australia boys love gays?

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JohnnyRaven 55 M
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New Orleans   6/21/2006

Long before the first casino arose like a mirage atop the searing sands of what became Las Vegas, there was New Orleans, America’s first and still best sin city.
There remain many dry counties in the South where you can’t buy a drink for the love of money, but New Orleans didn’t run dry even at the height of Prohibition! Its even legal in New Orleans to carry ...

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JohnnyRaven 55 M
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GAY ECUADOR   6/21/2006

The once heavily closeted gay scene in Ecuador has come out of the shadows and gained a high level of sophistication, and a bright polish in recent years.
Three first-class bath houses, Jinetes, Azul and Apolo, have sprung up in the often snowcapped capital city of Quito to ward off the bitter winter chill in style. You’ll enjoy seeing dozens of naked male Incan bodies. ...

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gay hotel   6/20/2006

is it important to stay in a gay hotel when u travel ? i dont think so ....

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JohnnyRaven 55 M
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Lesbian Witch Doctor Part 3   6/19/2006

Later, I asked the shaman if she was the only Lesbian witch doctor, and if it hurt her relationship with straight people seeking spiritual guidance. “Oh, no. Most sangomas are Lesbian. The majority are gay women. It is a distinct advantage in this profession, people in general, even straight men seek out a Lesbian sangoma. I am safe and respected.”
Why is it that ...

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JohnnyRaven 55 M
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Lesbian Witch Doctor Part 2   6/18/2006

She didn’t try and convince me of her powers, instead she told me who I should send in for a consultation. “Where is that gay blond boy? Is he sitting in my living room with my sister? I want him, I want that Afrikaaner, I do not want the black woman he is sitting with, nor the black man. I want only him.” So I went to Marius Barnard, my guide and told him he was needed ...

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JohnnyRaven 55 M
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Lesbian Witch Doctor Part 1   6/18/2006

As my vehicle raced towards the African Township of Soweto from Johannesburg, my host advised me “there is no such thing as a witch doctor in Africa, ” we are en route to see a Lesbian “sangoma, ” something akin to a combination spiritual shaman, fortune teller, medium and herbalist all rolled into one.
As we drove up to her house, perhaps half a dozen ...

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JohnnyRaven 55 M
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Stockholm Gay Pride July 31-August 6, 2006.   6/18/2006

While in Stockholm for gay pride this summer stay at the World's Sexiest Hotel. British Elle Magazine recently named the Nordic Light Hotel in Stockholm “The World’s Sexiest Hotel, ” for its highly acclaimed “Love Packages, ” which can be booked on weekends.
At its sister hotel next door you’ll find Stockholm’s coolest bar, the ...

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JohnnyRaven 55 M
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Canary Islands   6/18/2006

Gay sex life on the Canaries is as sophisticated, if not more so, than in mainland Spain.
Gran Canaria, where the capital, Las Palmas, and major airport are located, has the best gay scene of the islands, with Tenerife coming in a close second.
Nude and gay beaches, such as Los Patos and Las Teresitas, can be found on all the islands. And people-watching is supreme ...

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friendly versilia   4/13/2006

I have been reading about Friendly Versilia in Italy is a good gay friendly resort near Pisa and Torre de Lago
has anyone been there?
or heard good reports??

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California bound   3/15/2006

I'm going to California in May. I would like some advice on where do go in LA for meeting interesting guys, ie, clubs, bars, etc. All infor is welcomed.

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Enjoy lovely s' ex with love & care with a Matured B'ottom   9/11/2005

Enjoy lovely s' ex with love & care with a Matured B'ottom It's no surprise if you love to try deep in my a' ss if you are an a' nal s' ex lover. Of course yes I do s' uck you prior to take that caring journey in my fresh and clean a' ss for any longer duration for any number of time as you please. Why not try it once and feel the difference! Yes, I love to ...

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Secluded   8/20/2005

I live in an area that is secluded, I must go 6 miles to the nearest store. The nearest town to meat at is clicky and young. I don't get a chance to meat anyone there. So far I have had to travel as far as 300+ miles to meat anyone decent. I would love to be able to go to New Orleans to be with this guy I met on the internet, just haven't had the funds. He seems like such a fine ...

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rideacowboy 31 M
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theres a few gay hotels up there, past york, ME.....but i love the YELLOW MONKEY you can go to the jacuzzi late at night and strip down to nothing and talk to any guy there, its a nice place to fuck random guys

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China travel   5/12/2005

I men Iwill be going to Shangai and Beijing in September and am looking for some advise as to what places to visit and if there are any acn contact who can show me around and then go somewhere for whatever.

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jim696998 74 M
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I will travel   2/14/2005

I think it is great in this day and age that we are able to travel so far so fast. Now days we can hop a plane and in a few short hours we are on the other side of the country and sometimes the world. I would love to be able to travel the world to meet new friends but have limited funds as a lot of us do these days. I am not a world traveler but I will travel a short distance( say a couple ...

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