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happyman001 31 M
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What is love?   10/29/2006

Honestly...What is your opinion? This seems pointless but be honest. Because i believe people see love as more of in sexual ways. Thats not real love though. Be honest... What do you think?

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sebas18 32 M
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have you ever   1/3/2006

have you ever loved somebody so much it makes you cry? or have you ever needed something so bad that you can not sleep at night.have you ever tried to find the words but they don't come out right.well that is the way i am feeling at the moment.i met this guy on gay friend finder and i am really attracted to him.i write to him all the time but he just does not seem to realise my feelings for ...

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gIm_greatminds 37 M
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Do you belive that God has just created Man and Women ?   5/3/2005

a lot of people say that GOD has created man and women only and WOMEN is for a man and MAN is for a WOMEN , then what is Lesbian and Gays for? Some people say that we must believe in what the BIBILE says or written, but what is the SCHOOL for? if we do not believe in their? the SCHOOL says that there is GAY'S b'cuz the Mother's Hormones has more and highly actived than ...

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