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amaninsalina 55 M
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A check list for on line dating....   11/15/2006

1)Are you being honest? This is the first and foremost question you have to ask. Is there something in your profile or anything in your correspondence with the person you're thinking of meeting that you're not going to be able to live up to? If you've been honest you're good to go on to #2, if not, make corrections before proceeding. 2)Are they telling the truth? The old story goes ...

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dont like me the condon.   9/25/2006

yes, i do.but that plastic is very conflictiv.but, youngs, use it.i use it.

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safe sex is better .   6/20/2006

i agree that safe sex is always better , but when it comes in a relationship , no need for it .

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SEX   5/15/2006


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Being alert   1/6/2006

When meeting someone on line ask them alot of questions.Ask them about there family history.And asks about there friends where they hang out at.When asking questions if they hesitant and anwsering you.Then i would be very alert.Make sure you listen to what they say to you.You can learn alot with your ears and eyes.Wish you all safe dating.

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Just remember   12/23/2005

With the new age of computers and technology, a new avenue of dating is upon us. When you meet a person online, take the time to get to know about them before hooking up or inviting over to your house. There have been several great relationships that have arose online, but there are some horror stories too. Take time, get to know the person. Profiles and pictures are not always the ...

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Some Dont's and Do's   2/18/2005

Well you all now know that dating in the dark is dangerous or more or less unsafe.. my 2nd advice for you all.. this is more of a DOES N DONTS thing.. <br> THE DONTS: <br> 1. DONT GIVE IT TO THEM ON THE FIRST NIGHT; trust me the harder you play the more they will want you.. I believe you already know this dont you? well to those of you who dont.. if a guy tries to ...

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jim696998 74 M
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being careful   2/15/2005

When I meet someone new online I usually talk extensively with them on a varied topic level. This allows me to find out a lot about them in a short time without having to ask loaded questions. I have been very lucky so far having not been mistaken too badly and have met some very nice guys. I still have not met MR RIGHT yet I don't think but I will keep trying and talking is a good way to ...

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With all that is going on in the world here is my advice..   2/15/2005

I would advice you guys not to trust every guy who comes your way and says he is a trustful and loving gay, bi or whatever guy and when you date this person always make it a public appearance never date in a private place it is dangerous with all that is going on.. you can never trust someone and its always good to be safe.. I believe its understood that the world is unsafe and anything and ...

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