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NO is good   11/7/2010

sometimes people cant say no to a petition made by another person because they feel that they might loose their friendship. im one of those kind of people that its hard to say no to a person but recently i learned to say no . in my opinion a person should take decitions upon what they want and like. if u loose the friendship of someone means that tht person wasnt really ur friend.

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djoe1969 48 M
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Dater Beware!!   3/26/2008

I like most dated my share of guys and them some. Trying to find my partner to share life with feling hopless at that. In one case meeting this guy who could twist things around and always make me out to be the bad guy. It has taken 4 yrs to finally get rid of him. Always look for signs. 1 calls you several times a day. 2 waits for you when you arentexpecting him 3 too agressive too soon. 4.if ...

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Are u sick of persistant guys   10/25/2006

When you say no to somebody who your not interested in, why is it they cant take no for an answer. No means "No" guys so get over it!

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rideacowboy 31 M
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im honest   8/12/2005

i just say whats rong with him, then i leave

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it goes a long way   5/28/2005

if someone is interested in you and you arent interested in them it is much appreciated when you just send them a note back saying "no thanks" that way they wont be waiting on a response or keep sending you emails thinking you just havent received them

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jim696998 74 M
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say what you want, not something else   3/7/2005

I enoy being with a man when he knows what he wants but get awfully discouraged when he says he wants one thing and is willing to do a particular thing and then when you meet he does not want to do that at all but just wants you to be the giver and he the reciever. That is a time when it if fitting to just tell him, you do not live up to what you say so, "NO THANKS"

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Life in the Closet isn't so bad   2/7/2005

When you are under the age of 21 and financially dependant on your family the right thing to do is stay in the closet. in other words, your parents dont have to know you are gay not until you are independant. You're family doesnt have to know what goes on in you private life and if you dont tell they wont ask. So my advice for you dearies is stay in the clost until you are quite sure that ...

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what a dissapointment   11/16/2004

hi this is codoba2 imagine some body sending you alovely message and you also appreciate and you also send on her mail message alovely message but takes long to reply hence living you heart broken. people get serious when sending messages to me because i'm heart broken.and need any responsible woman thanks

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yaoiboi 37 M
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Be honest.   3/15/2004

One of the main reasons that guys hate talking to people and asking them out is the fear of rejection. However, the only thing worse than a rejection is someone who strings them along - someone who will not flat out say that they are not interested. There is no yes and no no. There is only vagueness and ambiguity. This is the worst torture for any male. A broken heart can heal over time and ...

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