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Engagements   11/23/2009

I'm in a LTR with the love of my life. I'm curious what others here think about engagement rings. Yes? No? Why or why not?

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What I want in my future.   10/16/2006

I was just wonder, is there anyone else out there who wants the same thing I want? It doesn't seem like it pretty much everywhere I look, atleast not in my age-set.
True, what I'm looking for might still be atleast a decade off, but I'm already sure I want it.
Certainly for one, I want a man by my side. It seems like a no-brainer, but in this sense I don't mean some ...

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him searching for a guy who willing to be my husband   10/9/2005

im young and fresh from philippines........ im also a sex addict if you want be so come in philippines and we can get sex all the time ......... i have a friendster account.... Gay FriendFinder i have a picture there see me........

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GregoryScott611 48 M
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Monogamy isn't my bedroom furniture!   3/31/2005

I've never cheated, and never would; although it has happened to me a few times. So many relationships in our community seem to end over infidelity which in my opinion has built a general community of mistrust. I was saddened to see the results of the poll stating many of us have been single "years." Perhaps a little openness in a relationship might be a solution. I wouldn't need it, ...

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jim696998 74 M
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Committment   2/21/2005

I would dearly like to be in a committed relationship, but after having been looking for over 12 years now I would be a very lonely man if not for my casual friends that I see occassionally. To find someone for a committment one needs to search for a man with the right qualities and test the waters to see if there could be a spark for the two of you. If after time one finds a common ground ...

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which part of Commitment dont you undestand?   2/15/2005

When you are in a relationship a lot more is expected from you.. cause its a committed relationship my dear.. if you are looking for a one night stand then please light the sign that says NO COMMITMENT JUST ONE NIGHT STANDS.. i dont believe in "friends with benefits" theyre called sex buddies unless you are more than certain that you will be emotionally available for that person.. nd only ...

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