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Lcd18 64 M
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The One that got away   2/3/2017

I read a post or a comment on this site i thought i'd get something off my

chest.i met a cd in '06 when i joined this site and another, we exchanged

emails he gave me his number, and i should have called but didn't i'm

wishing i had. we had a few things in common crossdressing and some other

things he looked hot and said he found me attractive.i called him 4 ...

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IS it my fault ?   11/20/2010

I ever have some guys but all broke up in the end. At first, we did fall in love but later one of us dont like the other. And i wonder there has long term relationship in the gay person? I know ..... it's hard to remain the affection in one person for a long long long time ......

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The final break up DEATH   7/2/2007

Breaking up is hard to accept so everyone should value what they have. You have your ups and downs but when death comes it is final. You plan your life you have hopes and dreams then after 32 years DEATH No time to say goodbye

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sweetie_x_ 31 M
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still sad   4/12/2007

i had a relationship and i was living with my bf in turkey when he was here everything was good for us.we have planned for everthing but after he has gone to his country we started to have issues .i cant trust someone anymore and still so sad . so if u wanna have a relationship u must know him very good ! that was my fault i believed quickly and now i'm alone ...

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dadutchess87 29 M
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MY HEARTBREAK   10/21/2006


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lexo9906 30 M
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what to do   7/24/2006

if you were in love and they break up with you and cheated on you and told you later because you were younger then them and they want you back what would you do accept of say no?

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breaking up is painful .   6/20/2006

although some times breaking up is a need to solve problems , but it is always painful .

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Help   10/25/2005

Anybody have any advice on how to quit getting somebody to call yoU?

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'tis better to have loved and lost............'   8/19/2005

Someone once wrote: 'tis better to have loved and lost, than never having loved at all.' Losing a loved one always hurts, some more than others. I've twice been married, my first wife divorced me after a 8 month separation, I did not want the divorce, I was just trying to get my head together after service in the Army and trying to go to College. We had one child. About 11 months after ...

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Living On My Own   8/16/2005

It gave me nothing to feel about to break up with him this time. Yes, I mean this is not the first fight we ever had with " this time ". Every time before when we had quarrel, we could feel the desire of going back together. However, it's really different this time. <br> Did the love really die? <br> Why would I still think about days we were together, feeling nothing ...

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Its mindboggling for me   6/30/2005

I was in a relationship for almost a decade, through undergraduate years, to graduate school, and later finding a job.At the beginning we where so happy, we had so much to talk about, then he won am american visa lottery, and the rest is better imagined. <br> All the plans went down the drain, the promises belong to another life now, but most times i live in the past alot, i ...

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it's hard to say good bye   2/6/2005

i've grown apart from her, but don't know how to tell her.... i'm older then her, run my own business, still get treated like a kid.... i still find it so hard, like i don't want to call the 5yrs a waste...hopeing for the spark..the way she smiled at me when we first meet, the way we used to do so much together!! am i betting a dead horse, i'm i doing something wrong, i tell her how i ...

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lets have asense of humanity.   11/16/2004

hi this is codoba2.people to day take marriage as away of uniting aman and awoman in all aspects of life. it might be true. but on one way or the other can not agree with that. if you hasband is a killer or acheat do you also automaticaly follow his way?

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secretiveguy 33 M
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Re:Re:Breaking up: Is it really forever   4/30/2004

What have said are all true. I believe that before you decide of breaking up with someone you should balance it. Think what should really be the best way- to end it or try one more time, give a chance. <br> But as the saying said we're only humans... and we can't be perfect. Sometimes we will regret what we're already decided. We only knew that we're wrong if we already ...

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secretiveguy 33 M
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Im Too Good for Her!   3/13/2004

Through the hardships and difficulties ive been through, Ive taken life very seriously. Ill try my best to succeed... i studied hard, help my parents in farm. That's why, people used to idolized me... they always said how happy they are if they have son like me... I dont smoke nor drink and im a one-woman man. <br> Until i met rachelle in college...we're totally different, but ...

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Baby don't go   2/21/2004

I still remember last night when u said u want to stop our 3 years relationship. U said, im to pasion n concentrate in my job... And, u want to continue ur master study in Austria. I can waiting u for another 2 years after u finish ur study. Jannie, i really love U. Pls, give me one more change.. Bcoz i love u

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fromnepal 41 M
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I didn't get a chance to say I love you.   2/20/2004

I didn't get a chance to say I love you. You were gone before we got that far. All I know is now I really need you, Yet when I look for you, you aren't there. You said once that you never would forget me, Yet how am I to know without you here? Such emptiness! Like what I feel within me: Neither flesh nor tears, just cold thin air. <br> Sometimes, alone, I feel your ...

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Take it easy   10/3/2003

Don't think back. Just looking for a better me!

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Remaining friends after a mutual breakup.   2/24/2001

After 13 years of great friendship and leaveing for 2 years to get married and divorced and returning and now leaveing again hurts to the point it has become the worst hurt I have ever been through. I will miss the fun times, the laughs, the outings, dinners at home, and most of all the kisses and cuddleing. Jokes about who is the smartest and strongest and best looking, haveing someone to ...

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