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DragonMoonHP 47 M
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How to be a team!   6/14/2016

I have found in my years that the following tips helps keep your loved one knowing that you love him or her.

1 - When there is a problem, it's best to give each person a few moments to be able to calm their emotions and gather their thoughts.

2 - Keeping your tone calm and even goes a long way in keeping the communication flowing.

3 - Sitting and talking about ...

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THat's what I wanna know,   8/17/2012

THat's what I wanna know,

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anu87   5/31/2012

i need somebody who love me

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nahinichichi 28 M
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How does it feel?   3/6/2011

How does it feel to be love, not as friend? not as a creation? but as who you are, behind all of your flaws and imperfections?

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mex8 32 M
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love & friendship   12/5/2007

can love "downgrade" back to friendship?

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hufei 39 M
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i love my love . but can't live with !!!!!111   5/6/2007

i love my love . but can't live with !!!!!111

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hufei 39 M
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I NEED LOVE AMD I NEED YOU TOO !! i love my love but i can't stay with hime because we are far from each other , what should i do now !!!!!!!??????

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hufei 39 M
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I NEED LOVE AMD I NEED YOU TOO !! i love my love but i can't stay with hime because we are far from each other , what should i do now !!!!!!!??????

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i hope i can own my love!!!!!!!!   5/6/2007

don;t know how to live on if i can't stay with my love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the life is hard to me !!

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god   5/5/2007

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Why is love so hard to find? What is it we as gay men have to do to find that special someone to spend the rest of our lives with? I mean what does it take? I don't care about looks, or ...

i don;t know how to live on if i ...

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justjacknstl 59 M
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Mixing It Up   5/3/2007

I have begun an interest group on this site (group 2639). Anyone interested in gay interracial relationships come check it out. Or anyone just curious, please drop by. It's new for now, hopefully it will be of interest to some members and a place to meet or comment on mixed relations.

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chenellyns 45 M
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love,love,love.......   2/22/2007

LOVE.....4 letter's there's are many things are meaning of LOVE...but if you don't have a feelings to you're own to you're self about love what is the important about this 4 letter's LOVE if you don't have feelings....the most important if you want love to you're own you must have a (1) honest to you're self, (2) be a real to you're self, (3)knowing how to love (4) and gods fearing, thanks to him ...

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chenellyns 45 M
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im searching partners in life...   2/22/2007

im just trying to search someone person they can love me and accept me, what i'm who i'm'z if you choose me you never for get me in to youre life co'z im real....not plastic person.....

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july081980 37 M
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GOOD   2/15/2007


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talamar85041 55 M
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Older for Younger   10/8/2006

What exactly is this gay obsession with youth? Despite the fact that I don't understand it, I find myself right in the middle of the aforementioned situation. I like to think of myself as intelligent, witty and somewhat good looking, but yet when it comes to seeking relationships, I never even give anyone close to my own age a chance. My searches are always for those 18 - 25, and I am ...

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ryan_hunky 36 M
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Is he gay or straight?   9/17/2006

Hey guys
Well the thing is, there is this really cut guy that works at my local estate agent. He's normally there on his own.
he's so hot n cute n i wanna know if he's gay.
Whenever i pass the store, i normally give him a smile, and he smiles back, but this cud be just for customer service.
I cant approach him and speak to him so what can i do? I have ...

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mithos 30 M
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What keeps you togeather in a Relationship   7/24/2006

They say love keeps people togeather well that might do it, but what really keeps people together is the fighting. Think when you fight you learn about the person feelings, ideas and other stuff. Then you also have the oppertuity to make up for the fight. You can make up for it in buying things for each other having sethis one is number one in the book) or do somthing fun or anything. ...

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Is it ok to have someone else outside a relationship?   7/6/2006

I guess perhaps I went inot a long term relationship so early. I often feel that there are some fantacies I'd like to explore: for example: having sex with different types of men and so on. but I am in a relationship. how do you handle it? explore or keep the commitment?

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shemalecute 31 M
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what would it be for being a gay!!!!   6/29/2006

its hard to be a gay. u must have much time to have acceptance. but inspite of it i believe that being gay is gift. they are passionate and creative and i believe that gay brings excitement and pleasure in life...

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long relationship .   6/18/2006

i m looking for a long relation ship with a mature hot man . where can i find him ?...

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PleasureGay 44 M
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Committed to a lesbian   6/9/2006

Has anyone had thoughts of being committed to a gay woman instead of a gay guy, because you want to live like most other people do with a view to raising a family through artificial methods etc. It would be interesting to get your views?

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live life   3/4/2006

sometimes we spend times thinking about stupid things, the only gift it is important in our lifes is have a good health. when we are health, we can be happy , full of energy because money dont buy your health and happiness

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bayot76 42 M
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Build a relationship   2/15/2006

Relationship is a thing that two or most of the persons are looking for. since, this is a most common word used but for me is not really since having a relationship to others are sacred. Building that thing is a nice one for anyone of us for this makes us a true and strong person whom we really believed on who we are. As i grow older, and this is the time that i realized that how people ...

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sweet_honesty 33 M
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Thank You   1/25/2006


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pinoy4u 32 M
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Long Distance Relationship   1/12/2006

Many people says LDR is really hard and quite difficult to maintain the stable situation of a certain relationship...Well i must admit its kinda really difficult to handle...But don't you know its in your hands and your partner lies the stand of your relationship if your in this kind of set up???Base on experience, well TRUST really matters alot, a really2x important thing in any kind of ...

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Making new friends, What better friends could we be?   1/6/2006

New friends are great to have someone to talk to.Getting to know one another is great.I have a new friend in my life.That i meant on gayfriendfinder.The distances between us is only 31 miles away from each other.We have alot of things in common which is great.We have'nt meant yet.But soon we will.Right now we are doing a lot of talking emailing each other.Yes we are now talking on the ...

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Relationship   1/6/2006

It is very important for all the human being to have joyful life, gay people enjoy it when they meet a new partner for sex. when they do no find right kind of person for longer time, then they look for a relationship rather wasting a time in crusing a person for sex. But the relationship devlop with caring, liking, honesty, attitude, desire/want, reliablity, trust on each other. ...

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thingus 44 M
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in your life   12/9/2005

In your life, you'll make note of a lot of people. Ones with whom you shared something special, ones who will always mean something. There's the one you first kissed, the one you first loved, the one you lost your virginity to, the one you put on a pedestal, the one you're with...and the one that got away. <br> Who is the one that got away? I guess it's that person with who ...

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Any suggestions for a new M2F TS?   11/29/2005

Howdy all, I'm a new TS going M2F. I'm not yet on hormones, not yet living fulltime as a woman either. My current boyfriend of 12 years and I have already accepted that we will not be able to stay together as a couple eventually. He is a gay man through and through, and as i become more feminine in appearance and mannerisms I will eventually become unattractive to him at an emotional and ...

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What is a Relationship?   10/1/2005

A simple definition of Relationship is; anytime two, or more people get together for any length of time and make a committment to this relationship and then follow through on it until it's end. Time is not the important element here, nor is the context of what happened during the time, from beginning to end, the relationship existed. If you want to measure a relationship, so you can ...

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what is a real realtionship?   9/13/2005


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danivon 39 M
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Somebody for everyone YES/NO!   8/10/2005

Ive sat thinking today and the question "Is there someone out there for everybody?" keeps cropping up... I mean is everybodies ideal man/woman out there or is this something we just tell ourselves........ <br> If you asked me yesterday i would of said yes there is someone for everyone, but today i have had time to think about this, i mean i have had relationships and been happy, ...

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bluehawk000 34 M
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more than friends   7/27/2005

Frienship is a living things that last as long as it nourish with love, understanding, and kind however we can biuld it up by trust with each other..

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relationship is like a chain   6/13/2005

basically life is not exact time. not speciphically mathematic. <br> relationship will come even u dont realize. life is so colorful. including the typical of human being. so, u can feel it nice or bad that would be faster or later. <br> Always no harm to build a friendship as a basic to know someone more. U will know mostly his bad and good side that u can adjust.... ...

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alittlecuir 52 M
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Soul Mates, Huh?   5/29/2005

I was looking at the polls. There's one about "Soul Mates", whether or not you believe in them. 44% of respondants do. Which just makes me wonder, do you think that might be why so many marriages fail? <br> Because the myth is that our soul mate completes us. It's old man Plato's story about our divided self. And when you find your other half, well then evra thin is irie. But I ...

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it takes time   5/28/2005

building a good strong relationship takes a little time. it wont happen over night or over say 2-3 weeks...if you start to trust someone that quick i dont know what to tell you

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Friends that mean something   5/12/2005

All relationships falter at some point or another, but if you two can sit down and figure out the differences between you you will find that your relationship is more as it also has friendship backing it up and though alot of you may meet spontaneously you will gain trust in each other and friendship creeps in then eventually you both decide that you are ready to take on the challenge of ...

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mrpw1952 66 M
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Commitment   4/15/2005

I have found that if two people are commited to one another that it's not a 50/50 situation. It takes 110% of both partners to make a loving relationship to work. In the past I have gien 100% and found that my partner was only producing not even 50% and this was very disheartening and to say the least stessful. I gave this reationship up after 14 months and now I take it very slow and ...

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lilfreaky17 33 M
16  Articles
Wanna Build a REAL Relationship with me?   4/10/2005

Its been a long time since i feel the EMPTINESS in my life... Im looking for something that I dont know... I got so many sleepless nights in my life and wishing i dont have sleepless times again. It seems my whole life is a lie coz none of my family and relatives knew that i am not normal... sorry to use this term but i feel this is the one suitable for what i intend to express coz this is ...

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trusting each other   3/21/2005

In every relationship, we need trust no negative thinking if possible, many partnership broke up because lack of trusting to someone you love. We must be tough and strong to enhance a good and healthy relationship.

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Honesty: Best Policy?   3/16/2005

I believe strongly that honesty in communication, especially in beginning of relationships is the only way to go, but I do seem to notice that it seems to be the divide at which the other person starts going the other way. I'm looking for friends some of whom may become lovers and, hopefully, one will become a life's partner. What about that is a turn-off? One guy said, "But I'm not ...

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jim696998 74 M
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the on and off of things   2/15/2005

I have know this fried of mine for about 5 years and we have been having sex with each other for quite some time. Many times we have both said that we do love each other, but every time I mention the idea of us living together or having a committed relationship, There seems to be a time lapse in his visits with me. I call and he has something to do, says we should get together sometime soon ...

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Sex Buddies?   2/8/2005

Is there such a thing as friends with benefits? I mean c'mon you cannot be friends with a person you're having a physical relationship with.. it is either a sex buddy or a one night stand (ONS).. some of you might disagree but trust me once sex gets involved the friendship rule goes out of the window and other rules apply ..

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A gragment of life   2/4/2005

....just yesterday, having applied some keen sense of wit, if one may say so, and having spent some time figuring out what is going on with my firends I managed to find out that Lena, one of my very mysterious friends who has disappeared for quite a period of time, has simply left CBSD (her previous working place) for Ernst&Young, which has thrilled me immensely and I decided to call her ...

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Paul_G 58 M
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The greatest Love of all!   1/31/2005

"The only way I will ever be great to myself is not by what I do with the physical world around me , but rather what i do with my mind." ; Ramtha <br> Living your physical life is fun and should be exciting and striving to have it all is fine, however no matter what you acheive in this world it will only bring small feelings of being content that do not last. This includes your ...

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roger00782 35 M
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strange story isn't it?   8/13/2004

hi dear <br> <br> while i was in college, there was a grl we had just a hi hallo type frship.. <br> but 2yrs after college got over we met again we become good frs now untill we talk with eachother we can't sleep at night.. <br> before taking any decision we discuss on it.... <br> i think we r in love with eachother.. <br> ...

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fromnepal 41 M
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Definition of True Friendship   5/10/2004

Anyone can stand by you when you are right, but a Friend will stand by you even when you are wrong... A simple friend identifies himself when he calls. A real friend doesn't have to. <br> A simple friend opens a conversation with a full news bulletin on his life. <br> A real friend says, "What's new with you?" <br> A simple friend thinks the problems you ...

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When to and not to give your heart oou to the other person   2/10/2000

In my experiances of having girlfriends, It all depends how you know them and how long you have know this person if you have known this person as a friend and a good friend, and you talk about everything with this person then go forit. the only advice i can give is that you have to Trust this person that will take your heart and charish it and not use it as a paper weight, you might ...

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The Friendship   1/5/1999

The Friendship Most of people deny the existence of the Actual Friendship fitting this name in these days, and they accuse the Friends that they only looking for the direct material gains and Sacrificing with the yield of the reliable relation, and they talking about an experiments proving the scarcely of the trustful friends, and they dust looking for their benefits among the friendship now, ...

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living with people   11/7/1998

build oneself means building yourself from others. to build a relatonship one need to understand his own self first, then understand others to have a fair relationship. a poem is a spontanious flow of thoughts ,imagination, and creativity. it is the inner feeling towards the sourounding happenings. it create life, and objects.likewise you use your immagination, creativity and empathy to build ...

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Finding Happiness at the end   10/28/1998

Being in the sixties I had the idea that love was a prohibited word in my vocabulary so I used to fool around and have once in a while a get together without a hope of nothing really serious. I went to this porno theater looking for fun. After a while suddenly I found him. We looked at each other like magic, I was convinced that darkness was in my favor. Being accepted I decided to kiss him ...

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Analysing Relationships - Like, Love and Lust, The 3 L's   4/21/1998

When a relationship encounters difficulties it is all too easy for each of us to consider the whole range of emotions and sensations associated with that relationship as damaged. What this article attempts to do is set out a means of viewing how we interact with others and separating three distinct components involved in any relationship. I think we have all been in relationships which encounter ...

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New horizonts   1/2/1998

We are always looking for something, but we never find it. And is always the same when we are starting a realtionship. Sometimes we meet someone and we say ^This is what is have been looking for, but...^this but is very important. What is wrong? <P> The other person is diferent to our idealization. <P> To make a good start we must first know us to know who are we and what are we ...

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