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How many stay In the closet becuse of Fear   4/20/2008

I have to admit that I have because I did try to come out in the early 80s and wound up in the hospital because I trusted the wrong people . But I do believe that there are a lot more like me than they admit it. But I am very tired of. Of being afraid and not being able to feel like I can be me. the real Me instead of the one that every won feels is acceptable. Or Am I that unusual the exception ...

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and NOT coming out !!!   3/7/2007

Because of the fact that people DONT know that i'm gay, is the reason i hear the COMMENTS that they say! They still believe it's a DISEASE, that were PERVERTS, that we have only one thing on our minds, \bsexo?\b. How they "RESPECT you", in front of you, once you leave they make "FUN of you". So far i'm doing OK, "in the closet", my door is closed for now.

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needoldermen0 53 M
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In the closet   10/24/2006

I'm in the closet and wish i could come out. But the town I live in is so small that I would be run out. Is this a problem all over or just in my small hick town.

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A girl in my bossom   10/4/2006

I was alone reading some text.Neighbours daughter as was usual came to me to tease me and disturb my studies.I closed the book and challenged her what she can do to me.First she embraced me, she was doing it everyday as a friend, hugged me tight, moved both her hands on my butts.My mind was still thinking it was brotherly love.When she moved one hand to my front it accidentally reached my ...

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my life in the closet.   8/10/2006

in years antiques , i look in southamerica , a episode of discrimination.maybe now is no very important, but in this years are hard. i live a life honest.

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Finding out young   3/8/2006

Hi guys ; I stared out at a young age in the 60"s trying on my 2 older sisters bra's and panties. When I was 12 in the scouts we would go out to a park and clean it up. The guys would find the mormal Play Boy's and Penthouses but they did not exite me. In one area of the park I found a Gay Magazine and it shook my world. I took the magazine home and Jacked Off to the pics for the next 2yrs. ...

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the closet and i   1/17/2006

i know how hard it is to live in the closet i did for 3 yrs and it was very hard especially when i brought home my boyfriend i told everyone he was just my friend and one night he started to cry because of what i said to my parents he thought i was ashamed of him but i told him why i said that so he got his things and left and when i finally came out (which i posted on coming out) thats ...

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Friend is traped in the closet ( well so we all think)   12/27/2005

My best friend is very much in touch with yes girly side ok i'm gay and his so called straight just the other night i was feeling a bit horny and in our friendship line we tell each other and speak about our hornyness so i SMSed him and told him to help ok right he calls and tells me to do what he says (phone sex) and right i didn't do it but i was pretending too and right when we were ...

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youngncute29 30 M
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so hard   12/22/2005

Right now I am in the is tough. its hard to act straight all the time. Im 18 years old, about to graduate high school. Does anyone have any advice about what I should do? It seems like its gonna be really hard to come out, especially because my mom hates gay people and so do my friends. Anyone have any stories or experiences they can share? any advice?

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Not your average kid nexd door   12/16/2005

i was The kid that had it all, i played football and lacrosse i had a wonderfull girlfriend and a job i had just moved into an apartment and was on my own at the age of 18 and then disaster riped the world i formly knew apart. I was on my senior trip with serveral of my buddies and girlfriends. we were all riding motocycles and i crased, well actually i drove it off a cliff im lucky to be ...

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pandys 60 M
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Home Alone?   10/22/2005

It started out simply enough, I was visiting my sister and her husband for the week . They both work so I had the run of her house and I took advantage of the opportunity to sleep in on my vacation. I woke late and assumed everyone had gone for work. I took a nice relaxing shower, Sis’s bathroom was warm and cozy so I took my time. When I went to put my towel in the hamper I noticed ...

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people need to be honest with everyone....   7/27/2005

I am a female that got her heart broken by a man that pretended he was straight, he uses woman as a coverup to deceive his parents and others from thinking hes gay. However, i found out the hard way. We dated for 3 years total, 2 yrs long distance.I moved to the state of PA with my teenage son, thinking i had the best realationship in the world, not only did i have a wonderful boyfriend he ...

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Think before you say something   7/3/2005

To those who say something about life in the closet... that they should come out...blah blah blah... please if you have not been in this situation, think before you say something. Because we all have different situations in life. <br> First thing this people need is support, understanding and positive encouragement. NOT ridiculous opinions.

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you shouldnt do it   5/28/2005

being in the closet is a scary one we all know have to be so cautious of what you do and how you do more than likely will have 2 separate lives usually consisting of your family and friends and then your gays friends...and you usually are telling lies to both...

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sarg1369 56 M
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The Military   4/20/2005

Being in the military has its challanges, being Gay or Bisexual in the milatary adds to this. I can remember what happened to people in the service if you were (found out). You would get kicked out of the service so quick, Don not pass go etc... Today the policy of Dont Ask Dont tell is wrong. I truly believe that if this were to change alot of people would be surprised to find out how ...

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jim696998 74 M
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More than you think   3/7/2005

From the men I have met and from others I have talked with, I think that if there were no discrimination about being gay then you would find that about 90% of men today would just love to give gay sex a try. I have several married guys come see me on occassion and they all say the same thing. if they did not have to worry about what others think they would be openly gay, but todays society ...

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jim696998 74 M
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The numbers in the closet   2/14/2005

I do believe myself that the number in the closet if they all came out today there would be a vast amjority of gays in this world. I have met many men at different places that would be willing to be gay if only they did not see discrimination lurking around every corner. Today if the people in the closet all came out then the gay bashers would be a vast minority and they would have to be ...

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Why we queers?   2/3/2005

Hey everyone out there. Why is the life of queers in the closet? Just because we are queers? That is so strange. We can't be open because this weird Indian society won't accept us. But Indian movie stars like Shahrukh Khan and Saif can act gay (Kal Ho Na Ho), movies like BomGay can be made where Rahul Bose can get fucked (he actually did have sex with another guy in the movie. i myself ...

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lilfreaky17 33 M
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ARE YOU MAN ENOUGH?   1/30/2005

i just have one thing to tell all the folks out there! Its doesnt matter if you are HETERO, HOMO, BI! Thats what you are and they have nothing to do with it..!!! Dont lock yourself in the closet! Sometimes... closet has the most outnumbered bones!

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