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Finally happened   12/31/2015

Like the weight of the world was suddenly lifted off my shoulders.

Fortunately i have such great friends! I would be nothing without them! <3

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fuck my viginass now   10/9/2015

need to have sex now

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want to come out so bad:)   1/18/2012

hi, im a 45 yr old male that loves to be with men i just want to expeariance it all and i want everyone to know i dont know how to come out but want to bad there is one of my friends that i want

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hotbottom60 58 M
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my first time to be taken out in public   11/22/2011

hope you all enjoy this as it certainly was my most feared moment::::::: This story hasn't been heard before I was quite a bit younger at the time. this older guy That lived behind my house stoped me at the alley one night. Is that your bedroom window right there? he pointed to mine, yes sir. Why becouse i've been watching you at night. I frozze what had he seen. Relax kid I ...

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coming out as a gay tranny   9/10/2009

i, m a gay 45yr old white transvestite, and i need help on finally coming out, and makeup tips.

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That's what it felt like at least. I had been coming to turns with being gay and I had a few bad experiences with coming out. I told my one friend I was bisexual at the time and she told 'you're sick.' Gosh, that still haunts me to this day. It's a harsh thing to tell a 12 year old. I went on for years struggling with my feelings and keeping it quiet but when I was fifteen I absolutely decided. I ...

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geobiguy 36 M
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i would like to come out of the closet with my family..   5/9/2007

hello friends, i'm bisexual and only i know this i have never told my family i am too affriad of what they will think.. i'm happy with my lifestyle though so should it matter wheather or not they know?? i don't think so but i could be wrong.

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aussiehotboy 54 M
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An Interesting Time in my Life.   2/11/2007

An Interesting time in my life........
ok...lets set the scene....
I am 16 near 17, had a bit of "fiddle" experience, but nothin serious.
My Father was a Police Officer of 32 years standing. My Brother, with wife, 4 kids, mortgage, the full deal... was a 20 yr Air force man.....
It went in 3 parts......

Brother and I are up to no good, ...

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itsjustsexdamit 43 M
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"Coming Out" Is A Stupid Idea!   10/22/2006

Don't do it! This phrase "coming out" is ridiculous. It stems from people being so-called "in the closet" and coming out of their shell sexually and "exposing" their sexual orientation/interests to whomever will pay attention. What the hell? Who gives a sh[i!1l]t?
First you need to understand that your sexual interest/orientation does not define you! For me, it accounts for ...

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gay places .   6/20/2006

i dont go gay places at all , i went before some times but i found it very selly . do u like gay places ?...

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funguycoolfnny 31 M
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ooooooooooo   6/19/2006

comeing out for me was cool i did my dads best firend he felt bad so he told my dad cool and up to this day i do him all i went

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redrubies 31 M
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When Is It Appropriate To Come Out?   3/22/2006

I know that a lot of people out there are active in the gay/bisexual lifestyle, but still haven't decided if it is right for them; therefore haven't decided to make it thier priority to claim it as their own (come out). The big question is, When is it appropriate to come out? When is the time right?...This can be a very big troubling question for many men and/or women who are gay/bisexual. ...

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im coming out   1/17/2006

i know from experiance that coming out is very hard like for example "what to say , how to do it, the right moment, and wondering if they will still accept you for who you are." well for me every one i told was very kind and tender to the subject like saying i will still love you no matter what but when you decide to come out you deal with it in your own way so here's some advice just relax ...

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MaleModel1 32 M
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What to do   11/25/2005

I myself have found it hard to come out or even admit to myself that i am gay. I wen to college and it has helped me be more comfortable with who i am i was kinda out to some of my friends before i went to college but not at work and defiantly not at home, even though i knew it would be ok. My uncle is also gay so I know it would be cool with my parents and family. I'm slowly comin more ...

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young_boi 31 M
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I almost did but it went wrong   8/22/2005

Hey. I went crazy trying to hide that I was gay and I really wanted someone to talk to. One night I was on the beach with my mates and me and my friend dan fell behind. I said I needed to tell him something and he promised not to say anything. I couldn't even say the words so I wrote them on my phone and he was surprised but really cool about it. I have never been happier. Later that night ...

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Unable to come out   8/17/2005

Due to my life and the way I have lived I am unable to come out. I didn't even allow myself to fully enjoy the company of another man. I was twice married and never found satisfaction with a female. About two and a half years ago I found myself actively searching for men. I found that I no longer had a desire for a female. All these years I have suppressed my fellings about men. I am ...

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danivon 39 M
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My experience   8/2/2005

I find it very strage when people say its hard to come out why? <br> I mean i agree with what everybody says it might be scary, nerve racking the fact you will never know what reaction to expect from anyone but i wouldnt say its hard, then again thats only my opinion <br> i have read through alot of the posts here now and it maddens me that people have lost people due to ...

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Someone Special against the Closet   7/3/2005

Someone told me he really like me a lot and begged me to come out of the closet for him. But I challenged him that if he really love me, he will accept what I am and my decisions. But then I lost him, cause ive live all my life in the closet and i am enjoying the thrill it gives me. I hope I didnt lose the great love, or I will regret it forever...

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its scary   5/28/2005

why is coming out of the closet so it because people are afraid of what others will think

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what do ido   5/27/2005

i lost my last boyfriend due to the fact i was too afraid to commit, i tried to come out for him but i just could not do it why is it so hard.....

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Things Are Different Now   5/26/2005

When my boyfriend and I were still in the early stages of our relationship, we went through the formality of sharing our experiences of telling our parents and families of our sexual preference. His family was less accepting of the news, but that would be another article for him to share. However, I felt compelled to tell my story because of the reactions I get when I tell ...

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mrpw1952 66 M
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No Idea   4/16/2005

In the past few years I have become more and more interested in finding a femme gay man to have a relationship with and being married doesn't help matters and would like to know what is the easist approach for telling my S/O that I want a man instead of her. The thought of being with a femme man intrigues me and I want to start a relationship with said person. I am a straight acting ...

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shawnshawn2005 48 M
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trying to figure out   3/25/2005

I seem to like striat acting gay or bi friends trying to figure out if I am bi or gay myself any coment's and ? welcome

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jim696998 74 M
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out to family but not others   3/3/2005

For years I was in the closet, being with guys on the sly and enjoying myself with them on a regular basis. We respected each others privacy and never did we talk to others about each other. Then I got involved with a woman and when she moved away I was lost for female companionship and started to see more of my gay friends. Then I got a chance for a job in the area my girlfriend moved to ...

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Hey   2/20/2005

Hi Everyone It was great to have comments from everyone from my previous articles. I want to apologize to some people who misunderstood me when i used the word queer. I meant word gay everytime as queer just means homosexual. sorry about that. My issue is that i will be graduating very soon and my family is not rich. I want to come out but still confused. May be getting married is right, ...

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Life in the Closet isn't so bad   2/7/2005

When you are under the age of 21 and financially dependant on your family the right thing to do is stay in the closet. in other words, your parents dont have to know you are gay not until you are independant. You're family doesnt have to know what goes on in you private life and if you dont tell they wont ask. So my advice for you dearies is stay in the clost until you are quite sure that ...

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Flashmon 55 M
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Queer Hero? Who ME?   2/2/2005

Queer Hero? by John "Flash" Gordon (21 Oct, 2004) <br> Flash finds himself a 'Queer Hero' <br> 'Subject: Help me contact JohnFlashGordon' <br> This was what Flash was greeted with this when he opened his Hotmail account. The Cannabis web master had forwarded an urgent plea: "Hi, The e-mail address on your site won't accept my e-mail message to ...

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xavior1522 37 M
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Coming Out!!   1/31/2005

COMING OUT!! Coming in and out of my house everyday Sometimes to leave and sometimes to stay But if my house was on fire...time to leave No time to time to retrieve Saving my life is first on my mind My worldly possessions can be replaced in time <br> A tragedy this could have been if I delayed My plan of escape, in my mind it played Steadfast with my ...

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