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lee4u2 46 M
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You Don't have to be a Member Respond,   4/18/2012

I don't know why you're here, Nobody seem to Respond to anything, it doesn't cost you anything write and Respond to Blogs, Magazine, any things that are posted, Why are you here, if you're no here to COMMUNICATE AND HAVE SOME TYPE CONNECTION ?????

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officeboy007 59 M
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this site is pants!   1/13/2007

Don't waste your money - there is zero activity and seldom anyone online.

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amaninsalina 55 M
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One for our side.   10/26/2006

The New Jersey Supreme Court as ruled that 'gay' relationships are entitled to equal protection under the laws of the state. While they stopped short of authorizing gay marriage and have returned it to the legislature to come up with how the details are worked out. The decision is clearly a victory for our brothers and sisters in the state. While they may end up with a 'separate but equal' ...

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mrdan1960 57 M
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Can't Slip Their Dingy In Without Paying First!   10/24/2006

No, this isn't a story about Foley and his pages, but something more important! Six years ago the Supreme Court of The United States ruled that the Boy Scouts Of America could forbid gays from becoming scout leaders, now the group is getting their just rewards - losing their rights with state and local governments one by one, over their bigoted policies. The most recent defeat came when ...

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being a gay .   6/20/2006

every gay like his sexuality , but i guess in his inside , he is wondering if he would have better life if he is not gay .

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I am at a loss that people find all strategy to condenm the gay community while enhancing the image of the heterosexual community.I just think both of them are the same thing, if heterosexuality is better, the sanest man on earth would have done it in the full glare of public attention. But unfortunately both are done in the exclusive secrecy of our rooms. This is a matter of nature and ...

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DFlash2087 31 M
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Nature vs. Nurture   1/3/2006

I've been selectively out of the closet for the past 2-3 years now. Only recently have I come out to some of the members of my family. However, for a while now I've know that neither of my 2 sisters are actually straight, one's a lesbian and the other's bi. All of us know about each other and fully accept one another. <br> However, what are the chances of not one of us being ...

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jim696998 74 M
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our rights, lets stand together   2/24/2005

Our rights have been taken from us because we are gay???? well to me that is discrimination, who has the right to remove our rights to freedom of choice and our right to freedom. This may look like a non issue on the outside but it is the fight for our equal rights as promiced in our constitution, so everyone of us should stand and make known to our member of Parliament that we want to be ...

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I dont know about you guys but...   2/21/2005

This thing about banning same-sex marriages is just stupid. What do they care if we do or dont? It's not like we piss in their pool. This action only gave those homophobes more reasons to bash and discriminate. I very much agree with Jim. we must act upon it. This is our cause and no one else is better than us to fight it. We were once called a free country with free will and with rights ...

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jim696998 74 M
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Gay Marriage   2/19/2005

Some of you do not think that gay marriage is a worthwhile issue because you think that you will never be committed enought ot get married. Then if it does not pass the government votes because you did not contact your member of parliment then who is to blame. I have contacted my member of parliment and hope that he will in some way support our cause when it comes time to vote. Lets all of ...

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