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Tought the right way by the wrong people   10/10/2009

I was 10 years old desided to come home early from school. walked in the house went to the kitchen to get some soda heard noise in the basement so i went to see what it was.i saw my 3 three uncles and 4 four of their frends really goin at it .I have always dah a huge cock 9in at 10yo. girls would have nothing to do with cock got hard as i wacthed one of their frends saw me.he pulled my ...

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djoe1969 48 M
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The hiden truth   3/28/2008

I think most of us try to hide our sexual behavor because of society and with good reason. Families tend to drop you off the face of the earth when they know the truth except for a few fortunate. The truth of the of the matter is most of us are to afraid to find out. This new greneration is more open minded for the younger and the rest of us will wait till our parents are gone and even by then it ...

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Is it alright I don't want to admit what I am   3/28/2007

I have alwasy liked boys even since I was a kid. It is something I can't help and wouldn't ignore even if I could. Is it alright that I don't want to tell my family or freinds and I want to live the life of a straight man when I know I am bi. I just don't want the hassels brought on by people who think deferently about gay people when if they don't know they just keep treating me like the guy ...

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bottomsgalorie 31 M
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Being Gay as Teen   12/21/2006

Ok, well im prolly gonna be removed after this. But anyway. I am realy 15, gay male in glendale arizona. I was wondering if anyone had tips on becoming more gay socialable.. I have been with a few guys, but its hard to get around parents to do it. Any ways to come out and advice.

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mithos 30 M
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How will your family react... to your coming out   7/24/2006

For most people it is very hard to come out because of there family. Some familys will take it really well and not think less of you at all. They will accept it and move on and help you out. Some familys might take it well but have tons of questions. Like Why are you.. or Is it are fault. They accept it and move on question you and them selves. Some familys will accept it but not ...

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how to tell wife ?   6/18/2006

is it possible to tell wife about being gay ?...

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pompeygay 80 M
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Empty Life   2/9/2006

My Partner died 9 months ago we were together 46 years still miss him so much. I hope that i dont have to spend the rest of me life like this on my own ive got so much love still to give.

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lefty8x4 61 M
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Gay Dad   11/7/2005

I have been dating this great Gay Dad. He is divorced for 5 years and has 3 teenage children. I see him every other weekend, the other weekends he has his boys. The boys are 17 years old. He has not come out to them yet, for he does not want there classmates to ridicule them at school. Yes he is in the closet with them, but, his brothers and parents know. Does anyone out there, have come ...

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Gay Dad, the Grandad!   8/19/2005

I know the feeling of the pressures of being Gay. In the article on 'Gay Dad's' he talks about it. I am still in the closet. Like the author, I too served in the Military and had to suppress my feelings, and if I was with a man, had to be very secretive and suffered guilt feelings. I've married twice and never recieved gratification or satisfaction from a Heterosexual relationship. Had 3 ...

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peterpan2002 71 M
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Gay Dads   5/25/2005

Hi, I am a gay dad but have been in the closet until January this year 2005. Being a father is a wondeful experience and I recommend it to you all but I felt I was automatically seen as hetro and always felt under pressure to react the way hetro men do. <br> Being of the older generation I was raised to think that being homosexual was totally unacceptable and when I joined the ...

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lilfreaky17 33 M
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We're One of Them   4/13/2005

A great man passed away last week, and as of this email, millions are mourning that loss. Many people all over the world see him as a spiritual shepherd, others a compassionate, morally courageous leader. Ultimately, what Pope John Paul II imparted was faith and hope to an often-discouraged humanity grappling with difficult realities. <br> Spirituality and its values should not be ...

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What did Your family say when you came out?   3/4/2005

OK so how did your family take the news? were they as accepting as you have imagined them to be or what? and what advice would you give to those who havent come out yet?

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Family approval   2/15/2005

Its not easy and you might struggle most of your life for your parent's acceptance and approval unless they are open-minded about you being gay or transexual or whatever.. so unless you know them well enough and truly know them then and only then can you come out.. Dont if you THINK you know them well.. I thought i knew mine but i thought wrong.. the minute i came out there was a 4th of ...

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jim696998 74 M
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Coming out to family   2/14/2005

For years I lived a double life being gay in private and living a normal hetrosexual style life in public. The first loved one that I came out to was my commonlaw wife and she was all for me enjoying the company of men as well as herself. When we finally broke up( not because of me being gay), my daughter kept at me that she would have to find me a new gilrfriend so I would continue to be ...

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Flashmon 55 M
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Flash's speech on POT to Mental Health Workers of Vancouver   2/2/2005

Marijuana is the safest and most effective stimulant, relaxant, anti-depressant, pain killer and appetite stimulant known. <br> <br> Unlike other stimulants (like caffeine and tobacco) other relaxants (like alcohol and Valium) and other anti-depressants (like Prozac and chocolate), cannabis has no negative short or long term health effects, no record of death by ...

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Natural Insemination Surrogate Parenting   2/1/2005

If a man and a woman have sex and conceive a child, no one thinks anything about it. However, if gay people want children, they are limited to adoption or artificial insemination. Why not have the following scenario: One man in a gay male relationship has sexual intercourse with a woman who becomes pregnant and gives the child up to the gay male couple after giving birth? ...

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